The consultancy line of action has a multidisciplinary team, with professionals from several complementary areas, industrial property agents and engineers, biologists, chemists, pharmacists, experts in intellectual property and/or patent engineering. Also part of the team is composed by scientists and researchers in the following fields: Organic Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Computational Chemistry, Medicinal Chemistry, Biochemistry, Cellular and Molecular Biology, Genetics, Bioinformatics, Immunology, Chemical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Materials Engineering.

Always seeking to create action strategies that results in increasing the value of our customers’ intangible assets, we offer support in creation areas of companies and research institutions, as well as their integration with other customer’s areas. Therefore, we operate in supporting development engineering and/or design through Patent Engineering tools, including the INVENTÔMETRO®.

The Patent Engineering activities precede the drafting of patent applications and enable synergy with the legal areas and/or business units of the company, through planning, management and execution of creation activities, maintenance and expansion of the value of intangible portfolios, including other intellectual property assets. This integrated operation, under the perspective of value creation for the customer from various intangible assets, or INTANGINEERING®, can include all technological administrative, legal and business services.

The administrative services at INPI include: draft and filing, both in Brazil and abroad (via CUP and/or PCT) of patent applications, utility models, industrial designs, trademarks, softwares, as well as portfolio management (preparation of reply to examination division, divisional applications filing strategies and other administrative procedures). We also monitor third parties applications, including preparation of technical inputs or oppositions.

We also support the valuation/pricing of intangible assets and advice for negotiation; development of technical, administrative and litigation strategies to prevent the misuse of proprietary rights and technologies, as well as aid in measures for controlling imitations, unauthorized reproductions, parasitism, and the misuse of patents, softwares, trademarks, copyrights, design and trade dress.